The eminent composer Meirion Williams was the church organist in the 1960s and 1970s, and wrote a Mass especially for the church, ‘Missa Cambrensis’

Shakespeare mentioned the bells, Inigo Jones, architect and designer, is buried near the altar.
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This is an unspoilt Wren church, almost square, with a tower built on the remains of the original destroyed in the Great Fire in 1666.
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The Welsh Connection
In 1879 Queen Victoria granted Welsh Anglicans the right to worship here, in perpetuity, in their own language. This has continued every Sunday since.
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Sundays at 11am and 3.30pm in Welsh (with English translation)
Thursdays, 11am to 3pm or by arrangement
A selection of stories, photographs, memories, prints and paintings from recent and historical past.
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